Courage is sometimes having to say goodbye.
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[Trans] Post-3rd album promotions interview - Eric


During 3rd album promotions:
Member who fell sick the most: Hyesung
Healthiest member? Eric
Laziest member? Eric
Most hardworking member? Dongwan
Most comical member? Junjin
Closest member? Hyesung
Most charismatic member? Minwoo
Member who received the most present? Junjin
Most often taken care of by fans? Minwoo
Listens to the managers most? Eric
Member who acted strangely most often? Eric
Brightens up the most with food? Dongwan
Most talkative? Dongwan
Member who made the most friends? Hyesung, Junjin
Member who acted most bizarrely? Junjin 
Member who talked most on the handphone? Junjin
Member who lied the most on broadcasts? Minwoo
Made the members laugh the most often? Junjin
Said the most lovey-dovey words? Minwoo
Member who acted like an adult the most? Andy 

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